Social Work

The Social Work service within St Margaret College aims to effectively support all students of compulsory school age, addressing their education and personal growth, working within the students’ educational, family and social context.

The services offered include: 

  • Mediating between the school and home through social work intervention. School visits and home visits are carried out whenever necessary;
  • Supporting on personal matters, such as labelling, bullying, substance abuse, challenging behaviour and relationship difficulties;
  • Working with families vis-a-vis home situations that relate to school attitudes and performance;
  • Keeping track of truant students and addressing issued that lead to absenteeism;
  • Working within the College’s multidisciplinary team;
  • Referring students to other professionals and specialist agencies and monitoring the student’s process;
  • Organizing and participating in case conferences and case reviews;
  • Advocating for students particularly those coming from vulnerable groups;
  • Participating in Education Court Sittings;
  • Providing consultation on relative matters to Heads of Schools.