Xgħajra Primary

Xgħajra Primary is one of the smallest schools within St Margaret College. It caters for a population of about 150 children annually.

The school motto is “Caring now for future success” and this underpins everything that we do. This school was inaugurated in September 1989 and provides an outstanding environment in which to work and learn. Excellent facilities are matched by a positive ethos, outstanding pastoral care and a wide range of extra-curricular activities for our pupils. In summary, we aim to create the conditions by which all our pupils can achieve to the highest level.

One of our principal aims is that we strive for good cooperation with the parents. We believe that parents are a key factor in the education of the children and that working hand in hand with them gives a much better opportunity for teaching and learning to take place.

Children start Kindergarten from 3 years of age and after two years start Primary Classes from year 1 progressing to year 6 which is their final year at the school. Hence they graduate to a middle school. There is one class per year group. The school is a one floor type and is highly accessible. It has a withdrawal room for students who benefit from it. Playground facilities are very attractive and provide a healthy atmosphere. The staff use an inclusive pedagogy based on differentiation aimed to give each learner the best possible education.