Vittoriosa Primary

Vittoriosa Primary School is situated in the town of Birgu or Vittoriosa. Vittoriosa was the name bestowed on this city after the victory of the Maltese and the Knights Hospitallers of St John against the invading Turkish armada. The town of Vittoriosa is situated by the sea and in fact the Knights Hospitallers set their headquarters in Birgu when they first came to Malta.

The present school was opened in 1975 and was built on the site of the former plague cemetery- in fact, it was formerly known as St Rogue Vittoriosa Primary School. (St Rogue is a Catholic saint and protector from the plague). It is completely detached from the surrounding buildings and it stands outside the city’s fortifications. The physical plant consists of three floors. The school grounds are fairly large and there are an artificial turf pitch and a basketball pitch.

The rationale for the school existence however, is its’ pupils education and welfare, and this is reflected in the school’s motto:

‘Let us all do our best to learn together and support one another’.

The school is aware that it is part of a larger community and that if its’ motto is to work, learning is to take place continually, all stakeholders need to be engaged in the learning process and on board for a journey full of potential, hence the school’s mission statement:

Our school is an organisation where we all engage in and sustain continuous learning, promoting respect and understanding among all stakeholders: school staff, students and parents.